Can you mix these two chemicals and stabilize them? See the directions below...

Element B is BAD! (it goes BOOM in 2 seconds) Davy Jones had made up a whole barrel full and was just unleashing it on the world. Captain Hood intercepted the barrel as it floated to the surface of the ocean... Oh oh! now what? Luckily, the Y~innons have come up with a matching Element A that balances out B. Can you help mix these two elements up and neutralize them please? Watch out... any time there is more B than A... well you're going to need some more lab equipment!

Oh... I should mention... if you add something to the flask, that increases the pressure inside it so you'll need to take at least some of the elements back out again.

Remember, more B than A... BOOM! That includes the stuff waiting to be mixed too. Good luck... I'll be going now.