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The Furry part of me

Welcome to Errol’s page

   You can follow the robotics link above to get some detail on the animatronic part of my furry creation, but this page is just about the character, Errol, himself.

   I noted other ‘Errol the Dragons’ out there- Terry Pratchett’s  and Ana Lua’s.  (Interesting to have chosen an unusual name that turns out not to be so :)

  In my 2000 story ‘The World is Not’, Errol is a curious youngling of a group of ‘Beings’ that managed to survive what we’ve come to know as the ‘Big Bang’ in a planet-sized ship- our Earth. Errol meets Humankind in a desperate effort to save the world and together with other humans and younglings become unusual friends. That’s the Viviquary series of novels... Science, history and theology twisted just enough so it could actually be true.

FE 2011/2012

Howloween 2011 /2011

Find him at fursuit database and at FA: Errol_the_dragon

   Errol has been to a few Cons so far, and to a few more yet to come.

   He lives at ‘Dragonsnest’, in the mountains near Hope, British Columbia, Canada.


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As in the story, Errol’s already old in our years- but he’s still a youngling.