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The End of the World

 Many have suggested that the world is, in fact, flat and should we go around the globe, the mere fact we appear to arrive back where we started does not mean we actually do. Yes the horizon is curved... perhaps not the pronounced proof the Earth is round, rather suggesting that space-time is indeed warped. Perhaps, as the planet turns, from space you see many parallel Earths connected one after the other in an endless spiral. Should you travel fast enough...

 ONCE upon a time, Captain Hood and his crew were sailing along, a brisk wind carrying them south-westward towards riches beyond a man's dreams. Yes, there was even a pirate cult’s treasure buried on an island out there somewhere. (aptly named- Pirate’s Cove on De Courcy Island)

 At least that’s what the drunken guy in the tavern had said. He had this map, see... he’d won it at a poker game before he bet it to Hood on a game of chess. (Of course any map like that had some random dire warning printed on it somewhere.) And sure enough, in tiny letters around the gap between Valdes and Galiano Island, it read ‘There... be the end of the world’. Our good Captain snickered as he passed his magnifying glass over it, “right. ANOTHER end of the world! There’s one every other year and every few miles.”

 At the next table, a fellow patron was looking over at the game with keen interest. As he put down his drink, this fellow offered the Captain a better end move for the game and pronounced "Ye might be more right then ye think, matey. Go there, en ye'll all be too dead ter try my famous move sumplace else."

 When the Captain raised his eyebrows, the man said simply "Mark my words- ye'll hit the end o’ the world en never come back". Then he walked away, muttering something about tutoring math to some guy named ‘Tesla’.

 Anyway, the fellow in the crow's nest high up the mast called down," Cap't... you've got to see this. White water up ahead; may be reefs out yonder." That's when the warning came- suddenly the porpoises that had been following the ship disappeared. (You've met them before. This time the white fin was figuring by the depth of the hull how much cargo they might salvage for Davy Jones after the wreck . But that’s, yet again, another story)

 The Cap't had been delighted to see the porpoises; something to ease the boredom of the long trip. For 2 nautical miles they’d jumped jumped gracefully out of the water, riding the ship's wake. Then... they started to behave strangely; weaving under the boat, some actually seemed to look the Captain in the eye. One by one they abandoned the ship, till non were left to be seen. Now, this worried the crew... more than the white water.

 Sure, the captain had been careful to keep the rumors about falling off the edge of the world from going to far, but you could tell that thought was going through each man's mind. That white water was still a ways off in the distance, but now you could definitely hear a rumbling sound. This was no tidal rip! Only one thing to do... "Jibe the mainsail. Turn her around!" As the Helmsman spun the wheel, it was apparent that the ship was not about to turn around. She was caught in a current; though the wind filled the sails to starboard, the ship was traveling a curved line to port... ALL THE WHILE CLOSER TO THE EDDY IN THE WATERS AHEAD. Obviously this story would come to a BAD end had not previous affairs come into play.

 The dragons had been following the ship... sometimes actually landing on the boom just for fun. ( The crew never knew of course, just cursed the strange shift in the wind! ) It had been months since they’d left the Captain and his crew in Campbell Bay, promising to keep a watch over them should they ever need help. This trip was actually Dragon fun, the challenge being to keep the weather fair and the winds constant in their general area without global implications. The porpoises were especially good company and they really enjoyed a good fly, being carried in the Y~innon's foreclaws. They knew the event horizon was coming, but never guessed the humans would actually try to sail into it! When the peril became apparent, it was almost too late for the Dragons to do anything. As the porpoises raced out to the ship, the Y~innons realized the ship was being pulled into the gravity well, too slow to backtrack. Why weren't those humans listening to the porpoises?

 The Y~innon control center was too distant to help, but good old fashioned wing power might be able to push the ship out of the inward sloping water. The porpoises had fled... they weren't stupid. If the ship actually survived the trip through the event horizon, a time paradox would almost assuredly arise. Nasty looking boils in the water were starting to appear all around the ship. The dragons strained against the mast spreaders, pushing with all their might. It wasn't going to work! They were being pulled in! Now even the dragons were feeling the pull! The ship would be spit out at the other end of the well in the famous Bermuda triangle with no-one aboard! Phew... tell me when it's over...

 The porpoises re-appeared with an abandoned fish net. This was a risky venture because the pull was so strong now that they might all be cast into the parallel reference. Captain Hood tossed the anchor rode through the fish net as all the porpoises grabbed the net in their jaws, straining against the current. Now they were making progress against the pull. They might still not have made it if the cook hadn't tried to lighten the load by throwing all the stove fuel barrels overboard.

 It's a cool dude who lights a cigar looking into the whirling face of death... too bad he dropped it overboard; well, actually good thing he did. As the water exploded around the ship with flaming kerosene, the ship was bodily lifted out of the water and carried a thousand meters by the combined strength of the Dragons and the porpoises.

To this day, no porpoise has beat White fin's jump out of the water during that incident. Underwater stories have been passed from fish to fish until Davy Jones was so sick of the story he zapped the next fish to tell it with his trident. ( He was just upset at having lost the spoils from the ships cargo. )

 The Dragons dealt with the oil spill, but just the same were amused and proud of having saved this bunch of foolish humans. Captain Hood and his crew were pretty shaken but ready for the next adventure with their new friends...


 Weeeelll. That was several hours ago already, and the Captain and his crew were not about to be swayed by a few yarns spun by a drunken math teacher. Maybe they should have been... plenty of wrecks in the waters they were traveling in. And at this very moment, they were nearing that gap on the map... Porlier Pass, where the current reverses four times a day in ferocious rapids. Should be no problem. At slack tide, that is...


Wreck on Minx reef, Winter cove