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Timers- 1 minute game timers from Princess Auto. These were almost perfect for timing your chess moves or what have you, but had a problem in that the reset button didn’t reset :(   The included drawing shows how to fix it.        $7 each + $7 S+H  (5 units available)

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Reverse acting servos- If you need a servo that turns in the opposite direction from standard, these have been modified so that for the same pulse input, they travel the same amount as a normal servo, except the opposite way. Perfect for operating two servos from the same controller channel (ie moving eyeballs) They also come with 24 inch wire length. $15 each + $7 S+H  (2 units available)

Servos with long wires- Are you tired of buying extender cables and having extra plugs that could come apart? I’ve wired up a batch of microservos with 24 inch  leads and didn’t end up using them.

$15 each +$7 S+H  (3 units available)

PIC microcontroller based circuit designed to ‘blink’ eyelid servos (2 servo channels). Dial controls for time delay and position. Can  operate both servos in the same direction, or in opposite directions (jumper control). Was a demo for the electronics panels.

$45  +$7 S+H  (1 unit available)